Worms in cats: Symptoms and tactics


Bots worms can be transmitted not only through raw meat or fish. Unfortunately, they are literally everywhere: in parks and gardens, in suburban beds or even in children’s sandboxes. Hardly anyone of the owners of cats and cats shoes washes with soap immediately after returning home.parasites in cats Therefore, our four-legged pets have all chances to get worms: Kitten simply sniff shoes or walk on the floor in the hallway, and then lick his paws. All infecting worms held.

Further, if the owners do not take action in time, the cat will certainly give all members of the family of parasites. And in order to get such a “gift” from the pet does not have to sleep with him in an embrace and drink from the same cup – you can just pat favorite cat: be sure it has already spent all hygiene procedures and distributed larvae of worms on its fur.parasites in cats

В round stomach, vomiting and diarrhea, which are accompanied by a yield entire helminths or parts thereof;
В kittens can be constipation, anemia, delayed growth and development;
В purulent discharge from the eyes.

Fortunately, all of the above – a rarity. Usually parasites in the cat’s body is not too much, so the disease can occur almost imperceptibly. However, this is the main danger: while you think your cat “purest”, it can already be a serious threat. For this reason, veterinarians recommend not to wait for any symptoms of the disease, and de-worming intervention not less than once per quarter.

The procedure is simple: at any pet store, you can buy a suitable anthelmintic drug, and then just follow the instructions. As a rule, give the cat just one pill early in the morning, mix it with food. If worms are so many (there are one or more of the above symptoms), then after 10-14 days is better to give another pill. Also, if the house is inhabited by several animals need to treat all together. At the same time it is necessary to take appropriate anthelmintic drugs to all family members.

Of course, completely exclude the possibility of infection with helminths fail. However, you can significantly reduce the risk, if you follow the following rules:

В wash or wash doormat no less frequently than once every two weeks;
В not ironed cat immediately after the return home – be sure to first wash your hands;
В Finally, if your darling attacked fleas, be sure to let her anthelmintic drug, as these blood-sucking parasites are carriers of tapeworms.

Of course, it is difficult to keep the cat from this unpleasant disease. However, subject to the precautions and timely conduct of preventive measures can not worry about the health of your pet, and along with all your family members.

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