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В Breed Kuril Bobtail (Kurilian Bobtail) was derived relatively recently. Due to the characteristic color and smooth movements domesticated cat breeders nicknamed trot. Its characteristic feature is a little like rabbit tail. By the way, “bobtail” means “short tail.” It is amazingly clever and cheerful cat who loves people and society is good to all family members. Standard bobtail adopted in 1995, has since started to appear at shows excellent short-tailed cat. It should be noted that the breed Kuril Bobtail may have two varieties: longhair and shorthair, their estimation is carried out separately.

Kuril cats – not big, but muscular, with strong and compact body and smooth body lines. The head is proportional to the body, has the shape of an equilateral triangle with curved lines. Forehead with a smooth transition to the nose, full cheeks, low cheekbones. Cats chin strong, straight nose. Ears of medium size, set wide and high ends with brushes, well rounded. Cats breed Kuril Bobtail average almond eyes, slightly slanted, but not deep set nor protruding. Should correspond to the color of your eyes, open to all shades of yellow and green.

Torso cats strong, muscular, but it should not be rude. Limbs are not too long, paws round, small and wide. Cat’s tail is short, its length is from 5 to 13 centimeters, in the form it resembles a “pompom” and has a nice edge of. The tail may be of any degree of mobility, it consists of 2-10 vertebrae cocked in different directions.

COAT have shorthair individuals should be small and thin, with a dense undercoat. Longer hair growing on the back and lower body. In long-haired cats fur is thin, long, with a dense undercoat highly visible. Decorative hair must be well-groomed, downy tail, chest and neck collar visible.

Colors allowed any other than the Abyssinian and color-point. The best option – bicolor and tabby. Tiger pattern – one of the main varieties of color, along the back and the tail goes dark band, and sides are covered with vertical stripes. Also spotted popular color, it resembles a wild and exotic lynx. Boca cat covered with oval or round spots, and extends along the back of the dark dashed line. Another type of color – marble, the sides are covered with typical cat divorce, along the back are two bands.

The main disadvantages Kuril Bobtail assumed: abnormal structure of the body is too narrow head, round or protruding eyes, slightly pubescent or too long tail, dry and dull hair without undercoat, pointy ears. Not allowed crossing with other breeds bobtail.

Photo. Kuril Bobtail.

has not bobtail cat character, friendliness and dedication to this cat can compete with the dogs. They are very friendly, have an unusual and pleasant voice, accompanied by the hosts in all matters. These pets are very attached to the people and seek their own society, which is very rare for cats that are known to “walk by themselves.” The owner should take care that the pet was a free space where he can jump, climb and play. These cats are very active.

Kuril Bobtail choose their beloved master, for which will follow on the heels, but they are very friendly and with other family members. These cats never hurt children, and their patience can only envy. Even if the child squeezes everywhere drags cat, bobtail will not show aggression. Notwithstanding that each animal – a bright personality, Kuril cats get along well with other animals. If cats live in the house a few, they manage to agree among themselves, and even establish a special hierarchy.

Bobtail not like loneliness, this breed cats like to sit on the lap of a man being in the spotlight. However, they will not be imposed, if they feel that the owner is not to them, but never miss an opportunity to get their portion of affection. These cats are very good jump, they are able to overcome the height is not available to other pets, but that does not mean that the cat tear off your new curtains or wallpaper scratch. Kuril animals are very intelligent, once is enough to explain to them what was going on – and you will not have problems like torn wallpaper or toilet in the wrong place.

Photo. Kuril Bobtail not afraid of water, maybe even dive for fish!

Kuril Bobtail – this native breed, which appeared not so long ago – in the late 20th century. These cats with funny tail pompon-lived in the Kuril Islands, reputed great rat-catchers and hunters. But the researchers who came to the island, have noticed these unusual short-tailed animals and brought them to the continent, where over their breeding breeders began to work.

Kuril Bobtail – is related to the Japanese Bobtail breed, they have a short tail, powerful legs and a unique character. It is believed that these cats lived in the islands since the 8th century. But only 20 researchers from the continent found these cute pets, and it took a long time before the Kuril cats became a separate breed.

Kuril first cat came to Russia, it is quite natural, because Japan is not so far. These animals brought with them soldiers who were on the Kuril Islands. In 1991, the first cat of this breed gets in Moscow, she was given the nickname Chip-O. In the same year, the owner of a Moscow nursery O. Mironova was developed and the first standard. In 1996, the standard supported and the World Federation of cats, in 2002 there was the first club and international federation lovers Kuril Bobtail. Nurseries gradually appeared in the USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland. Kuril Bobtail – very popular and fastest growing breed of cat owners are not prepared souls in their pets.

• Bobtail is not peculiar to mark territory, with the exception only if the house is occupied by several different breeds of cats.

Kuril Bobtail very funny and cute animals. Choosing a name for them, try to make it was individual and melodic. Also, cats are not indifferent to the deaf and hissing sounds. Kitties can be called according to their color – Tiger, Lynx, spots and so on. Also worth a look at the names: Bonnie, Sherry, Kitty, Nessie, Emmy, Aida, Obi, Sweetie, Sally, Tilly, Jackie and others. For cats suit names: Billy, Johnny, Bob, Mebu, Teri, Teddy, Leni, Archie, Ollie, EDS, Chad, Cherry and others.

Despite the fact that the bobtail is considered rare and even exotic breed, he was fond of celebrities. For example, in the home of actress Helen lives Proklova red bobtail Arseny. Also this breed cat lives with TV presenter Helen Ishcheyeva Dmitry Krylov and lead.

COAT cats of this breed is unique – regardless of the length it does not tangle, not spoiled and does not form tangles. A coat need to wash once a month, or even less, but do not need to comb the cat. This process Kuril Bobtail will be perceived as a kind of game or a nice massage. Kuril cats love to swim, so water treatments they do not hurt. To pot and kittens representatives of this breed also get used very quickly. Bobtail claws do not need to cut, but the state of the ears and teeth worth attending. From time to time, wipe the eyes moist tamponchikom.

Very Heed nutrition. Despite the fact that the Kuril Bobtail – native breed, feed should be as balanced. It is desirable to feed the pet food that he could theoretically get in their natural habitat – saltwater fish, meat, vegetable food. Should not be given to cats of this breed dairy products and potatoes because of the specific environment in the gut. It is not advisable to combine artificial and natural food, otherwise cats can disrupt metabolism.

Specific diseases in cats of this breed is little, they are very healthy and cheerful. But despite this, it is advisable to do it on a regular basis all the necessary vaccinations, because you never know what kind of infection can be picked up in the city.

Buy Kuril bobtail you can in a specialized nursery. Kuril bobtail kitten rates can be found on the bulletin board

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